LED Light Face Therapy

    The LED face mask is an award-winning treatment and a modern way to treat skin with light therapy. The LED mask works by exposing light to the skins surface and accelerating cells biochemical circulation. The LED light therapy is none invasive treatment that uses different wavelengths to rejuvenate and heal the skin. 

    Light therapy stimulates cell regeneration, boosting radiance, collagen and skin health. Also deals with acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, inflammation, shrinks pores, reduce redness and sensitivity and more. It can be added to any facial or used on its own. For best result, recommended a course of 8 treatments oven an 8-week period. 

   Treatment duration is 30 min.

Is the treatment safe?

The LED treatment is completely safe, relaxing and painless. The LED mask can be used on nearly all skin types. 


-  Pregnancy

-  Epilepsy

-  Photo-allergy

-  Medications that cause light sensitivity

-  If you are currently taking steroids or cortisone injections

-  Thyroid conditions

-  Skin cancer

-  Diseases that involve the retina of the eye (such as diabetes)

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